Private Lessons

Individual training sessions with your dog and family are the most effective way to quickly learn the theory and techniques you need to teach your dog the behaviors you want, eliminate the behaviors you find annoying, address specific issues, and get the skills and knowledge that enable you to keep the training going on your own.

Manners Basics

Most people want simple things from their dogs: reliably come when called, consistently respond to basic cues like “sit” and “down”, walk nicely on the leash, and greet visitors politely. My goal is always to teach you how to teach your dog, so you can integrate training into all your regular day-to-day activities and keep things fun.

Rescue Dogs

Dogs that have been through rescue sometimes come with a bit of baggage. Knowing how to help them transition into your home, what to expect in the first several months, and how to address common issues that often crop up will help make your dog feel more secure more quickly, reduce stress behaviors, and ensure your bond grows fast.

Behavior Modification

Many behaviors that are difficult for us humans to handle – like leash reactivity or protecting the food bowl – are natural and serve a purpose for our dogs. A little understanding of the underlying causes, a few simple techniques, and some basic management skills can usually resolve these issues quickly and lead to a more relaxed life for dog and human.

Special Issues

Do you want to take your training to the next level? Wondering what a clicker is all about? Want to give your smarty-pants dog extra mental stimulation? Looking for ideas for fun things to do together? The more you teach your dog, the more happy, relaxed, confident, and well-behaved everyone will be – and there’s no end to creative and entertaining activities you can do together!


Hi, I'm Laurel

My training efforts are the result of my lifelong interest in animal cognition, social life and learning, and my commitment to improve the lives of rescue dogs. My goal is to help people and their dogs understand each other and communicate effectively -- that way, both your dog and your relationship with your dog reaches it's fullest potential.

I am a volunteer with the Seattle Animal Shelter,
with a focus on working with shy dogs and foster dogs.

I am the dog team co-lead and training coordinator with Vashon Island Pet Protectors.

I have a certificate in Applied Animal Behavior from the University of Washington and am continually pursuing professional education and certification through the most advanced and respected trainers, organizations, and associations.

I offer private lessons and consultations where I'll teach you fundamental training principles as well as specific tools and techniques so you can build on the work we do in our sessions -- my goal is to help you and your dog have a lot more fun together!

I'm also a writer and author.
More on that part of my life here:

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